Recruitment and Selection is the major function of any Human Resource Department and Recruitment process is the first step towards creating the  Strength and  Strategic advantage for Organisations. The  Process involves a systematic procedure from Sourcing the candidates to arranging and conducting the interviews and requires many resources and time.

In today's Industry workforce is more mobile than ever. And as people continue moving more frequently between jobs, recruiting and hiring manpower are costing companies more time, energy and money.

Manya Professional Solutions  , is your One-Stop-Shop for all manpower requirements. Our goal is to study and furnish clients with manpower talent they need and when they need it. Our employment Solution has always believed the philosophy of “QUALITY” and our motto is to make the Customers delightful with "Total Satisfaction" through Personal, Quality , Cost Effective and Professional service. Our Expert Recruiters and the latest recruiting innovations, proven resources and processes and an extended national network to ensure our client’s hire the best talent in a cost-effective manner. We at Manya, have a dedicated team of Decade Domain experts, delivering quality recruitment solutions and have successful recruitment practices across all industries.

We also extend our Executive search & Head Hunting services, which are designed with the objective of finding suitable individuals for our clients having unique skills and qualifications to manage strategic aspects of any Business Activities.

HR Policies

Like Quality Policy, each Organisation must have its own HR Policy. Policies provide guidelines in adherence to required workplace standards, driven by company values. Human Resources policies strive to motivate positive, productive and ethical behavior among employees at all levels of the Organisation.

Writing or reviewing HR policy and procedures like Recruitment & Selection, Induction & Orientation, Probation & Confirmation, Payroll & Employee Benefits, Performance Appraisal & Rewards, Promotions & Transfers, Working Hours, Holiday and Leave, Business Travel, Discipline, Communication & Facilities, Health & Safety, Training & Development, Employee Separation, can be time consuming and can involve a high level of expertise to ensure they conform to employment law.

Manya, with its experienced HR Consultants will work with your business to review your Current policies and Procedures to ensure they all conform to Employment law and Standards.  Our Expert Group will devise recommendations on where they must be changed and also advice on ways to smarten up your policies and procedures to make them more effective.

Payroll Management

Payroll management , integral Part for Successful growth of  Organisation because maximum expenses are being incurred on the manpower so as to have more efficiency and output from the manpower employed. So, payroll management plays a very important role in each and every Organisation.
Payroll Management Process:-

  • Payroll Accounting
    » Calculating the earnings of employees & Tax, other deductions
    » Recording the results of payroll activities
    » Preparing required tax returns.
    » Preparing Salary Slips
  • Payroll Administration
    » Managing employee personnel and payroll information
    » Compliance with Employment laws in their Regions.

Manya’s Payroll Management Service that allows our clients out-source their payroll procedures and processes, and includes all the activities related to management and administration of employee payrolls. 
Out-sourcing the payroll accounting services relieves your Organisation of the burden of tedious administrative and routine responsibilities, helps you focus on core business and most importantly, enables growth without manpower and administrative constraints. 
Manya, offers tailor-made payroll solutions to suit Organisations of all sizes, from small & medium enterprises to large corporate’s

Statutory Compliance

In the current trend, compliance and statutory obligations play pivotal role in upholding the very foundations of a good solid Human Resource Management practice by safeguarding the future of an employee.
It is a very important aspect and cannot be overlooked as such, since it is likely to snowball into a big problem tomorrow for Organisations. When Statutory Compliances issue goes out of hand, it becomes difficult to resolve the problem. The statutory compliances or legal obligations of any Organisation must be viewed as an important factor to achieve superior efficiency and profitable operations. For any Organisation wanting to achieve these will know that outsourcing this to the right partner will ensure proper and systematic compliance. Manya’s Experts statutory compliances management service is designed to deliver cost effectively solutions and maximize clients’ statutory compliance by increased process efficiency.
We take into consideration both the Organisational and employee perspective to ensure that your processes are streamlined effectively. Our services covers the full spectrum of statutory compliances management – right from formation of legal entities to procedural compliance.
To Name Some of our Services on : Shops and Establishment. Act, Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), Provident Fund Trust Management, Labor Welfare Fund,
Professional Tax, Contract Labor Regulation Act (CLR) etc..
We, also conduct statutory audits at the clients premises to check the maintenance of registers and formats related to wages, labor welfare, employment records, compliance etc.
Submission & Filing : Manya, assists the clients in the filling and Filing of Annual Returns, PF, ESIC Returns and payment of half yearly and yearly statutory bonus as per Organisation.
Documentation : Manya,  assists clients in procuring various employment documents from the Departments Authorities such as ESIC Licenses across the states, CLRA, PF Codes and other relevant documents

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is a key if any business is to be Prospective.  People working in the business need to understand what is going on and need to feel part of the business.  They need to understand how their role fits into the organisation and the difference they make for their Personal & Professional Growth.  They need to feel valued for their Contribution.
Communication Gap in Organisation can be one of the biggest de-motivators for Employees.  But, developing effective communication strategies and processes can be very time consuming.  This is where we can help.
Manya, can work with your business to look at a range of ways to promote Employee engagement through a range of strategies and processes
We conduct Employee Surveys (both paper based and online) that will give you a clear measure of what is important to your people,  to analyze that  the business is currently doing well and identify any areas where your Employees could be improved.


Compensation and Benefit

Compensation is the remuneration received by an employee in return for his/her contribution to the Organisation. It is an organized practice that involves balancing the work-employee relation by providing monetary and non-monetary benefits to employees.

Compensation  an integral part of human resource management which helps in motivating the employees and improving Organisational effectiveness. 
Growing competition, globalization, increasing governmental regulations and rapid technological advances are transforming businesses around the globe to be Effective and Productive. The combination of these trends makes Administering effective compensation and benefits plans increasingly complex – and critically vital to an Organisation’s long-range plans.

Manya’s Service towards Compensation and Benefits Solutions aim to help clients promote Superior employee performance that results in a competitive edge. Through our various tax-advantaged services, we can help you lower costs improve performance and boost your Organisation Morale.


Performance Management

Performance management system (PMS) is the Central Component  of any "people management" process in Organisation. Organisations exist to perform. If people do not perform Organisations don't survive. If people perform at their peak level Organisation can compete and create waves , it Blooms .
High level goals and objectives should be fed down from the top, and every member of  Organisation  should have an agreed set of objectives that feed into the overall goal or strategy, and a clear process of how to measure the individual success against these objectives .

This is where Performance Management Systems come in to play and so important for the Organisation Existence.
Performance management systems if properly designed and implemented can change the course of growth and pace of impact of Organisations Levels.
Manya, helps to work with your business to produce a Performance Management System and Process that fits perfectly into your business.  Depending on the size and complexity of your business will determine what the solution looks like, but we will work closely with you to agree what the process should do and how it will be used and to be implemented.

Competency Mapping

Organisational Performance will reflect Growth only if it has Competent people. Incompetency fosters downturns and malfunctioning of various operations in the organisation thereby becoming one of the biggest obstacles in the growth and progress of an organisation.

But it is very difficult to understand whether the organisation has competent employees. It is not only difficult to recruit competent people, but it is for more difficult to put right people to work on Company’s new business plans,  targets since we do not know whether the existing Managers / Executives have the right Competencies to support those Growth Plans of the Company.

Manya, with its specialized domain Experts team, helps in identifying Managerial and Leadership Competencies of Employees at various levels. We undertake Competency Mapping Assignments for various Organisations and have seen their improvement soon after our recommendations have been implemented. We are sure, all progressive organisation will make it a point to map the Competencies in all the functions to exploit human resources fully and Utilize their Potential.


Maintenance of employees is one of the Major Concern  for Organisations. If this job is done by somebody for an Organisation, it will help the companies to concentrate the time, money and efforts effectively and objectively on growing the business in terms of the vision of the Organisation.
This is where  Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)  where an employer outsources or transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to an external service provider.
We at Manya, along with our team of professionals, undertake assignment of outsourcing complete Human Resources function for you. This will include jobs right from Organisation Design, Manpower planning, Attendance Management, salary administration, Training, OD Interventions and Surveys and other RPO Areas The employees would be on our Payrolls and you will only pay their costs with nominal overhead charges associated with such outsourcing work and leave all the manpower related problems to us.

HR Audits

A Human Resources Audit is a comprehensive method  to review current human resources policies, procedures, documentation and systems to identify needs for improvement and enhancement of the HR function as well as to ensure compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations.  Audit involves systematically reviewing all aspects of human resources, usually in a checklist fashion.
The purpose of an HR Audit is to recognize strengths and identify any needs for improvement in the HR function. A properly executed Audit will reveal problem areas and provide
recommendations and suggestions for the remedy of these problems and provides with  Expert solutions.

Team Manya is specialized in HR Audit system. Audit encompasses the whole HR Function or part of the function as desired by the client. This can be classified into
» Statutory Audit
» HR Systems and Processes Audit
» Compensation and Benefits Audit
» Safety Audit etc.

We Execute our work on receipt of client's request for HR Audit.  We solicit client's full cooperation and support to make the Audit initiatives successful.

In order to keep the Organisation healthy and compliant with statutory requirements, HR audits attain significant importance. We therefore, encourage our clients to get HR Audit conducted once a year as a matter of routine for their Organisation Health.

Training & Skill Development

Training and Development of individuals seeks to increase the knowledge, skills and Performance of the most important asset of an Organisation i.e. the Manpower.

 At Manya , we provide Training & Development services for various industrial segments that need intensive training for the new and experienced employees. We also cater to individuals by holding trainings  on industry relevant topics to make them experts in their field and help them in making significant career advancements
We execute with  latest methodologies that encourage fast learning that can be retained by Employees. We keep in constant touch with the latest trends and also train our team from time to time to be in touch with Competitive Edge.
Below is a list of common topic areas :

» Interpersonal Skills
» Client Service
» Know How To Get a Job
» Leadership & Change
» Presentation Skills